Sippin Tea with Joey & Marie

Sippin With True Crime

September 06, 2022 Joey Bravo & Aaliyah Marie Season 4 Episode 5
Sippin Tea with Joey & Marie
Sippin With True Crime
Show Notes

This week we drop a very special episode featuring super talented comedians Heath & Mollie Harmison! We talk about their latest creation, the True Crime Comedy Show! 

And of course we get into true crime stories & conspiracy theories. From the Black Dahlia, Zodiac Killer, to Golden State Killer & more! 

Plus what had Joey screaming in the middle of the previous night!? And why was Heath so scared of Mollie during the pandemic? What secrets is Mollie hiding? Why is Marie laughing at all of us?? Listen to find out!

But you know we had to talk about at least one movie that we all enjoyed so much & why YOU should watch this too! Brad Pitt's latest hit, Bullet Train! In our opinion one of the best movies of the year! We'll break it down for you. *NO SPOILERS*

Plus find out how you can win a pair of tickets to their comedy special at The Orpheum Theatre "True Crime Comedy Show" in Twin Falls this weekend! 

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