Sippin Tea with Joey & Marie

Sippin With D23

September 12, 2022 Joey Bravo & Aaliyah Marie Season 4 Episode 6
Sippin Tea with Joey & Marie
Sippin With D23
Show Notes

We start off the show by speaking on our experience hosting Latino Fest which also served as the 1st event Aaliyah Marie has ever hosted. We had a blast enjoying a day full of entertainment from music, dancing to delicious food! The culture was alive & vibrant for all to see!

Zach Efron was keeping a secret that led many to believe he had got some work done on his face. But the truth is much more gruesome than you may think. We'll tell you all about it! 

We give a quick review on the latest season of Cobra Kai & the new Mike Tyson bio series "Mike" both a must watch & we'll tell you why! NO Spoilers!

We get into all that was announced in D23 (Disney 2023). So many awesome shows & movies from Indiana Jones, Willow, Little Mermaid, Mandalorian, Andor & more! Find out what's coming next from Disney!

Plus we help get your week started with some new music suggestions!

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