Sippin Tea with Joey & Marie

Sippin With Kid N Play

September 19, 2022 Joey Bravo & Aaliyah Marie Season 4 Episode 7
Sippin Tea with Joey & Marie
Sippin With Kid N Play
Show Notes

On today's episode we welcome back Turtablist, Spin Master Mugen to the show. We start off by talking about meeting the Godfather of Chicano Rap. Kid Frost together, how we were trying to control our emotions & not come off like a couple of giddy school girls! lol 

We go into some of the winners & losers in the 2022 Emmy Awards particularly Jimmy Kimmel and how he  really had people upset with his antics!

A movie over a decade in the making is finally going to hit theaters that we have to talk about, from the trailer that gave us chills to the amazing story behind it. If you're a Star Wars fan, you'll definitely enjoy this!

The iconic duo Kid N Play were introduced to us in a major way in their movie debut that has since become a cult classic, House Party! One of our favorite 90's flicks is getting a reboot, but with a whole new vision. Normally we would be totally against this. But this version LeBron James has produced has some potential! Plus Joey tells a story of one of his wildest house parties back in the day! Oh you gotta hear this one! lol

Kanye West aka Ye vs The Gap! He's going in on the company! But why? You'll See!

Finally we get your week started with some new music suggestions. Dice One is back from a hiatus with a single that is beastly, featuring A-F-R-O! Boom Bap fans rejoice, this one's for you! Plus Alabama Shakes something that you'll feel right in the soul! 

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