Sippin Tea with Joey & Marie

Sippin With 50 Cent

October 24, 2022 Joey Bravo & Aaliyah Marie Season 4 Episode 12
Sippin Tea with Joey & Marie
Sippin With 50 Cent
Show Notes

Michael B Jordan is back with Creed 3, the trailer brand new  trailer just dropped & Joey who was once skeptic about the upcoming sequel, may have just changed his mind! As for Marie, she's Michael B's ride or die lol So you know she has a lot to say about this! 

Joey is super excited about the teaser trailer that dropped for the  upcoming official sequel to Christmas Story that has the OG Ralphie aka Peter Billingsley returning to reprise his role! Not only that, but he may have a very special blooper reel from the narrator of the original film, Jean Shepard that YOU DEFENITELY have to hear! lol Trust, YOU won't want to miss this! 

Late Night Show host, James Corden, is a good guy or a bad guy?? Word is he's been mistreating restaurant staff. At one time he admitted it & apologized, then rescinded that same apology! But why? We'll give you the details. 

50 Cent is known for beefing & trolling with many. But now he's at it with his own son & baby mama! We may be siding with 50 in all of this, we'll tell you why!

Plus Halloween is in a week & we're here to help you prepare! 

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